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The project presented several challenges. Cannabis retail owners should be prepared to be strategic about merchandising products, use digital resources to extend the store's capacity, get creative with their store's vibe, and blend digital and physical experiences when designing their dispensaries.

Roots Rx is a recreational marijuana dispensary. In this post, we dig deeper into these design best practices and shine the spotlight on a few examples of Colorado and California cannabis dispensaries that are doing design the right way. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that cannabis was once illegal in Colorado—especially in a small ski town with seven dispensaries in its downtown core alone.

Six dispensaries in Colorado have been opened in a short time but are brimming with happy customers. At the Green Dragon cannabis store, manager Kevin Doxtater Dispensary nearby said that cannabidiol, more widely referred to as CBD, has attracted a newer wave of retail consumers seeking medical benefits without getting high.

Then there was an issue with the submission of a plat — not for the issuance of a medical marijuana license on the town level, but to satisfy zoning requirements. He figured he'd start a small medical-marijuana business and then get back to veterinary work. Keep up with strains, products, retailers, and news with Leafly's curated cannabis newsletter.

Working knowledge of marijuana products as well as all current rules regulating retail and medical marijuana are required. We make sure to guide you in the right direction once you receive your medical marijuana card, and will help you find the best dispensaries available.

The Original Leaf was founded as a medical marijuana dispensary in July of 2009. Our brand, our culture, our fresh perspective on the industry and understanding of the products we sell, our quality of cannabis, and the fact that we are downright the hippest, most fun and coolest place to shop.

The recent surge of cannabis usage has undoubtedly made its way to the heights of the city, and you can now get the best quality of strains from Euflora dispensary. The Original Leaf is consistently researching new strains to better serve our patients and customers.

A study by Georgia State University last year found alcohol sales had tumbled 15 per cent in US states where medical marijuana had been legalised. There's nothing hidden" about Brooklyn's first medical marijuana dispensary, which opened near Barclays Center last December.

Colorado's finest dispensary, The Green Solution, is now open in Colorado's ultimate mountain adventure town. Katie Shapiro is an Aspen-based cannabis writer known as the nation's first-ever marijuana style writer" when she started at The Cannabist in 2014. Upholding Colorado marijuana laws with clients and fellow employees is an essential part of the job and mandatory at Native Roots.